Review Monitoring For Your Business

Review monitoring software means good customer service

Monitoring and responding to your reviews shapes your business reputation. Happy customers who sing your organization’s praises deserve recognition. Unhappy customers expect you to listen to and resolve their concerns. provides review monitoring on Google, Facebook, and 100+ other industry specific sites so your team knows exactly what’s being said about your business and can take action to celebrate happy customers and help recover your unhappy customers’ brand experience.

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Monitor reviews on the sites that matter most

Do you have to go to five different review sites for each client to check for reviews?
We'll save you so much time by gathering your reviews in one place.

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Directory Review Sites
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Review Email Notifications

Review Email Notifications

With review email notifications, you can ensure that everyone on your team can help manage your reputation. Celebrate positive reviews and boost morale. Improve your customer support and quickly communicate with unhappy customers. Email review notifications keep your clients engaged with their reviews as well.

Command Center

Help your support team with a centralized review management command center that allows you to filter by review site, set status levels for action from your team, and leave notes for appropriate follow up.

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Respond to your google and facebook reviews right from the dashboard

Review Responses

Respond to your google and facebook reviews right from the dashboard quickly and effectively. One click to review responses on 100s of industry specific reviews sites.