About Us

Grade.us is simply the most powerful SaaS platform out there for complete online review management and marketing.

Founded in 2013 by Jon Hall, Grade.us blossomed from a startup into a major player in the online review space. In 2020, Grade.us joined a newly launched, full suite of digital marketing tools — Traject. Made up of a group of 60+ passionate team members, Traject represents 7 brands, 22 cities, and 11 different countries. We remain true to our roots, committed to delivering review management tools that will help you grow your visibility and credibility.

Tens of thousands of businesses use Grade.us by Traject to harness the ‘voice of the customer’ and improve and market themselves—from local businesses to large brands to the marketers and agencies who serve them.

Jon Hall

Jon Hall
Founder Emeritus of Grade.us

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Grade.us is proud to be a part of Traject

Traject is a suite of flexible, scalable, and intuitive digital marketing tools that will save you time and help you grow.

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