The Best White label Reputation and Review Management Software

Use review management software to scale your agency

Online reviews matter in business. A lot. Reviews give your clients greater visibility online and are insanely influential in converting leads into customers.

White label resources

Discover how much your agency can make selling reputation management

Use the Review Management ROI Calculator to determine your agency’s potential profit margins and MRR. Simply choose the number of seats (client location) you plan to start with and the amount you want to charge per seat. Plans

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What makes the best review management software for digital marketing agencies?

White labeled

White labeled

We handle all hosting and infrastructure but everything appears on your own domain(s) with no trace of We offer the most flexibility of any white-label review management software, right down to the favicon.



The assets you create on our platform are highly-customizable, high-performance, and mobile-ready. With, you can handle multiple locations, cross-channel integration (with social media, email marketing, etc.), offers, etc. Clients won’t know how you pulled it off. (See some review funnel examples.)


By layering review reporting and analytics on top of extremely well-designed and effective “review funnel” assets, gives you an unsurpassed solution for creating and optimizing reputation and review marketing campaigns.


Incorporate all the review sites that matter to a given client, whether that’s Google, Facebook and Yelp or the scores of directory and industry sites we’ve integrated like Healthgrades, TripAdvisor, Zillow and Avvo. If we haven’t integrated it, let us know and we will.

What type of digital marketing agency uses for white label reputation management?

Local SEO

Local SEO Specialists

If you’re helping your clients rank on Google, you already know that Google reviews are one of the top three factors that determine local pack appearance.

In addition to listings monitoring, Google My Business management, local content creation, local spam-fighting, review management can be an added value to expand your clients’ services.

With, you can offer your local clients a white-label Done-For-You experience. You’re the expert on review generation, responding to reviews, and leveraging social proof. We supply the tools to automate your processes, and you provide more value to your clients.

We’ll also provide you with the resources to help you sell review management to your clients.

Boost your clients’ visibility and social proof.

Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Agencies

Whether you’re already offering advertising, SEO, social media, or all of the above, white-label reputation management can fit right into your value proposition.

White label and use it as a foot in the door or low friction, quick value add service, part of a larger full-service package, or as an add-on for existing clients.

Agencies love offering review management because business owners understand reviews. There’s no better feeling than earning a glowing 5-star review that validates everything your clients are doing. You’ll love sharing the great news. Negative reviews also provide opportunities, to help your clients improve, and identify areas where you can add value – fast.

Digital Marketing Consultant

Marketing Consultant

Your clients are building out their digital presence and you’re tasked with helping them strategize. White label and offer reputation management services as part of your entry-level package.

Set your clients up with an easy way to earn new reviews on the sites that matter to them. Send them white label emails with new reviews and prove your value over time with custom reports.

Charge a setup fee to configure their review funnel. Have them send you their customer list each week, show value in under 10 minutes by uploading them into our system to send out review requests.

Add a review widget to their website. Set up automated social media sharing. Minimum lift, high value.

Web Design Agency

Web Design Agency

Your relationship with your client doesn’t have to end when the website goes live.

When setting up the web design project, offer to include the review stream and reputation badge in the design.

Let your client know that you also have a complimentary service to continually earn reviews, build their reputation, and drive more traffic to their new site.

Offer a simple reputation management service of review generation, monitoring, and reporting at a monthly price that makes sense for your clients and can deliver an ongoing revenue stream for your agency.

Show them your website design is both beautiful, and functional.

Reputation Management Reseller

Reputation Management Reseller

Are you looking to scale your business with an end-to-end reputation management offering?

Create your own brand and white label the dashboard to provide a DIY reputation management solution for your customers. Automate everything.

You provide the onboarding, give your clients access to their own profile, and your clients can do the rest.

Under your brand, clients can log in on their own, customize their own review generation workflows, respond to all of their own reviews, and create their own custom reports.

We’ll even provide you with a white label reputation management video that you can use on your own website to sell the service.

Let us focus on the technology, so you can focus on building your brand, and your customers can focus on review management.

White label resources to help your agency sell reputation management

We aim to provide your agency with the best-in-class lead generation tools, white label marketing assets, and educational resources that you need to prospect, pitch, and close clients. Scale your agency and your profit with reputation management services powered by

Agency Reputation Management Tools

Local Client Finder

Use the Local Client Finder to discover online review management prospects

Prospect review report

Prospect Review Reports

Highlight why your prospects need your review management services

White label resources

White Label Assets

White label pitch decks, marketing videos, educations articles, and more

Client Review Generation

Create a custom review landing page under your agency’s white labeled custom domain.

Provide the employees of your clients with a white label form to upload their customers email addresses and phone numbers individually or in bulk for review generation campaigns.

Customize your client’s email review request and SMS review request drip campaigns.

Client Review Generation
Review Monitoring and Review Responses

Review Monitoring & Review Responses

Offer review monitoring for over 150+ major and industry-specific review sites.

Set up white labeled email notifications so clients receive new review alerts as well as internal negative feedback.

Use an actionable command center to respond to Google and Facebook reviews on behalf of clients.

Review Marketing

Add our embedded review stream widget to their website and stream their best reviews for social proof.

Use the WordPress version of the review stream with data structure schema friendly markup.

Add the floating carousel widget to their website with dynamic 5 star reviews highlighting your clients’ reviews.

Automate sharing 5-star reviews on Facebook for review marketing.

Reputation Management Reseller
White Label Reporting

White Label Reporting

Schedule customizable white label review portfolio reports and provide your clients with all of the key metrics important to their review performance across one or multiple locations.

Automate weekly or monthly report emails that can be delivered to multiple stakeholders and comes from a white labeled email address.

Premium White Label Dashboard

For $440 annually (complimentary at 100 seats), add your agency or reseller brand’s logo to the dashboard and provide your clients with fully white labeled platform access*. This add-on is ideal for when you want to offer a self-managed white label service for your clients.

The additional annual cost covers the SSL certificate, dedicated hosting, and installation/renewal.

*This option is not available to Professional plan customers.

White Label Dashboard