Review Generation

Review Management for Marketers, SEO Specialists, Agencies, Brands, and Enterprises

You don’t have time to ask for reviews from every customer. Sometimes it can be difficult to make the process as simple and intuitive as possible.

How do you effectively and efficiently generate great reviews for your business? makes the process of asking for reviews easy for businesses. With an automated review request campaigns, and we make it easy for customers to write reviews with our streamlined review funnel.

An illustrated Review Funnel Layout

Review Funnel Layouts

Choose from a variety of segmented layouts that provide customers a seamless path to the review sites of your choice with as few clicks as possible.

Opt-In and Invite Forms

Provide employees with a branded form to collect customer email addresses and phone numbers individually or in bulk for email and SMS campaign activation. Customizable fields for custom tags.

Customer facing forms for self-filled in office Kiosk mode to trigger review request campaigns.

An illustrated Opt-In and Invite Form
An illustrated Review Request Email Drip Campaign

Review Request Email Drip Campaigns

Automate the review request follow up with the most customizable email drip campaign.

Implement a cadence and sequence of drip emails by customizing the timing of delivery and an unlimited number of follow up emails.

Full control over the email subject line, ‘from’ address, and ‘reply-to’ address.

Review Request SMS Campaigns

Use text messages to request reviews from your customers and guide them towards writing a review, right on their phone.

Use a provided dedicated local phone number for campaigns to increase effectiveness.

Add images to your SMS review request campaigns.

An illustrated review request SMS campaign
An illustrated Review Generation Tools Graphic

Review Generation Tools

Install a ‘Review Us’ button on any page of your website.

Drive in-store and offline customers to your review funnel with QR codes on printed marketing materials, like business cards, signage, and advertising.

Add review requests to every email correspondence, company-wide, with email signature snippets.