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Grade.us is simply the most powerful SaaS platform out there for complete online review management and marketing.

Founded in 2013 by Jon Hall, Grade.us blossomed from a startup into a major player in the online review space. In 2020, Grade.us joined a newly launched, full suite of digital marketing tools — Traject. Made up of a group of 60+ passionate team members, Traject represents 7 brands, 22 cities, and 11 different countries. We remain true to our roots, committed to delivering review management tools that will help you grow your visibility and credibility.

Tens of thousands of businesses use Grade.us by Traject to harness the 'voice of the customer' and improve and market themselves—from local businesses to large brands to the marketers and agencies who serve them.

Jon Hall

Jon Hall
Founder Emeritus of Grade.us

Meet the team

Alice Song


"I won a duck stamp painting contest in middle school (duck stamps help fund wetland conservation). That was the pinnacle of my (very short) artistic career!"

Taylor Pack

Head of Customer Success

"Faith, Family and Fun."

Bill Jones

Sr. Software Development Manager

"I love to be outdoors. Hiking, fishing, and camping is how I decompress from a long week of work."

Garrett Sussman

Head of Marketing

"I’m a hipster coffee addict who lost his purple leather couch to the throes of hurricane Katrina."

Anthony Benavides

Sales Team Lead

"I am legally color blind."

James Friedman

Sr Software Engineer

"I am also a certified English teacher who has taught abroad in Viet Nam."

Alejandro Sejas

QA Engineer

"I love cycling 🚴 and trying new food recipes in my spare time."

Wesley Kisner

Sr Customer Success Specialist

"I'm an avid fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers and never miss a game!"

Valerie Hall

Customer Success

"I'm a frustrated author -- currently writing my third book."

Michelle Ulizio

Account Executive

"I love collecting herbs and making tea blends and tinctures. I currently have over 100 herbs in my pantry right now."

Zarko Milosevic

Sr Software Engineer

"I was born on PI day so my life is never ending riddle."

Dusan Pantelic

Ruby Developer

"If Grade.us is down, Dusan is most likely to blame."

Rijaludin Muhsin

Sr Software Engineer

"I never had my own computer until I was 22. And here I am."

Wilbert De La Cruz

Software Engineer

"Once ate 10 McRibs in one sitting."

Cassy Myers

Software Developer

"I spent close to a year in India studying Ayurveda and Yoga. I'm now a certified Sound Healing practitioner and RYT500 Yoga & Meditation Instructor."

Ally Cruse-Slemp

Customer Success

"I have a white label of evert seminal Detroit techno hit (1985, ’86, ’87)."

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Grade.us is proud to be a part of Traject

Traject is a suite of flexible, scalable, and intuitive digital marketing tools that will save you time and help you grow.

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