How Dentists Get Patient Reviews

Like many healthcare professionals, dentists typically don't like to ask for patient reviews. So the best reputation management solution for dentists would be one that simply encourages real, satisfied patients to review their experience online. makes it happen. for Dentists Review Funnel

Patient reviews matter now more than ever. More patients are consulting reviews before booking an appointment with a new care provider. serves dentists by giving you an unobtrusive way to ask and remind patients to share their experience of your practice.

How It Works

72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from real people (Search Engine Land, 2012)

1. Create Your Page

Signup for free to create your page or "review funnel" at

It's an easy-to-reach page that'll help your patients complete the review process. We give them a quick "cheat sheet" for each relevant review site and identify the ones they can post to without creating an account, maximizing the number of real reviews you'll collect across the review sites.

2. Focus On Your Practice

Once your page is setup, you can simply focus on caring for your patients. To encourage reviews, you can freely promote your page by word-of-mouth, posting a notice in your waiting room, or via any email list, website or social media pages you maintain.

3. Let Us Help

When you're ready to seriously generate more patient reviews, upgrade to one of our paid plans and get printed review invites that make it easy to ask and remind patients to share their experience—not to mention the many professional features that let you encourage better reviews, prevent bad reviews, and get more value out of your page.

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